Who are we and what can we do for you?


Quick Thinking is a general consulting practice. We draw upon various disciplines in order to create solutions for our clients. In other words, we are a problem-solving firm. Whether it’s a startup or a seasoned company, we can be of assistance.


What makes Quick Thinking different?

Since we are a general practice, we can handle a variety of issues. It is similar to going to your general practitioner. He or she can resolve most of your medical complaints before referring you to a specialist, e.g. a heart surgeon.


We do not use time as the basis of our fees. When you charge a client by the hour, a conflict of interest arises because the longer you work the more you make. This is not in the best interest of our clients and, therefore, unethical. We propose fixed fees to our clients and proceed only with their approval.


The Quick Thinking way.

We try to get to the bottom of what the client actually needs. Clients tend to want a lot of things; however, sometimes none of these things resolves the client’s problem. The Quick Thinking way is to focus on the outcome while exploring the many routes to get there as many roads lead to Rome. In other words, we operate according to project management practices, processes and methodologies.


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